The City of Boston has taken great strides toward creating a workforce that is diverse, inclusive, and representative of the City’s ever-changing demographics. Contained on this page are two initiatives, spearheaded by Mayor Walsh, that provide insight into our existing workforce and benchmarks to help assess our progress.

Workforce Profile Report

Mayor Walsh Releases First Ever Workforce Report Examining Diversity Throughout City Government.

The City of Boston's Workforce Profile Report provides a benchmark for the efforts to diversify the municipal workforce in the first 15 months of Mayor Martin Walsh's administration and lays out next steps in continuing these efforts under his leadership.

Understanding Employee Demographics

The dashboard below is used by the Mayor and City staff to regularly understand demographic information on employees currently employed at the City of Boston. Updated monthly, the left-hand side of the dashboard updates according to filter selections made on the right-hand side, including: by department, by organization, and by employee start date.

Screen reader accessible document.

Please contact the Mayor's Office of Diversity at with any questions related to the workforce profile report or dashboard.