Deck The Windows II (150)

Mayor Menino's 2012 Deck the Windows of Boston Main Streets Contest

The finalist below was selected by a committee of judges as the best window display in its Main Streets district.

Chinatown Main Street Finalist

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Juice Bar

46 Beach Street
Boston, MA 02111

The Juice Bar has been in operation for over 15 years in Chinatown.  Ms. Choy moved to their current location, the very busy intersection of Beach Street and Harrison Avenue in 2009. At this location they create their many blends of fresh fruit drinks, smoothies and milk teas with bubbles better known as “Bubble Tea.” The Juice Bar is one of the first establishments in Boston to serve Bubble or Boba Tea which is a blend of tea with a tapioca ball or “pearls” made of flour.
Ms. Choy says “it was great to see our loyal customers coming back after we moved to our new location.”  The family feels a closeness to the community and they get great satisfaction serving them quality drinks, Asian snacks and sweet soups. One patron said “I love that they make everything fresh and you can taste the difference. The staff is really friendly and will chat with you while you wait for your tasty concoction to be crafted.”

Chinatown Juice Bar 1 (440)

Chinatown Juice Bar 2 (440)