Deck The Windows II (150)

Mayor Menino's 2011 Deck the Windows of Boston Main Streets Contest

The finalist below was selected by a committee of judges as the best window display in its Main Streets district.

Chinatown Main Street Finalist

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101 Bakery

56 Beach Street

The 101 Bakery carries Taiwan style baked goods, a hipper version on the Chinese baked buns, and inspired to create daring and different pastries. The Taiwan bun jolts the taste buds and is perfect with a Taiwanese bubble tea or other freshly made baked goods.


“We need these unique bakeries to give us knowledge about what other nationalities eat and how they are a tradition to one’s culture. Although there are large overlaps in the products sold such as Hong Kong-style and Taiwan-style baked goods, there nevertheless remain significant differences between the two types,” said the owner Leo Wang. “For instance, bread cake and pineapple tarts were developed in Taiwan-style bakeries, while the cocktail bun is a Hong Kong-style product. We offer these items because we want people to taste the world in their own backyard.”


Chinatown 101 Bakery 1 (440)

Chinatown 101 Bakery 2 (440)