Entertainment Licensing

The Licensing Division maintains safety and order throughout the neighborhoods by the licensing of entertainment activities and maintaining of compliance with relevant laws. The Licensing Division processes new applications and renewals, inspects premises and holds hearings on licensing requests and violations. The Licensing Division works closely with the Boston Police Department and neighborhood organizations.

What We LicenseĀ 

The Licensing Division grants entertainment licenses to maintain safety and order in the community and monitor compliance with relevant laws. The office processes new applications and renewals, inspects premises, and holds hearings on licensing requests and violations. The Division also monitors licensees to deter unfair and deceptive practices affecting consumers. Services are:

  • Amusement licenses

  • Arcade licenses

  • Automatic amusement devices (coin-controlled games)

  • Cabaret show licenses

  • Carnival licenses

  • Carousel licenses

  • Concerts licenses

  • Public dance licenses

  • Dancing school licenses

  • Entertainment licenses

  • Exhibitions and Shows (outdoor and indoor) licenses

  • Ferris wheel licenses

  • Jukebox licenses

  • Live entertainment, restaurant, and nightclubs licensing

  • Theater licenses

Additional licenses or certificates are also granted by the Licensing Board and the City Clerk's Office.

Licensing Board
City Clerk

Entertainment License Applications

Entertainment License Regulations


  • Update to Live Entertainment Hearing Requests

    All live entertainment hearing requests may be scheduled after Boston Licensing Board hearings, while license application is pending at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC). In the interest of public efficiency, establishments should, if possible, be able to pick up both their liquor and entertainment licenses at the same time.

    Also, we welcome any suggestions from licensees regarding how we may better serve our public. It is our intention to make your experience with the Entertainment Division one that is pleasant, professional and courteous. Welcome to Boston! Christine A. Pulgini, Esq. Executive Director

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