Serving Food

Restaurant Licenses and Permits


Common Victualler License

To apply for an existing CV License, submit a completed application and fee. Applications for a new CV License require attending a scheduled hearing. After approval, bring the Certificate of Inspection and copy of the lease to pick up the CV License.

Food Service Health Permit

Submit completed application with proper fees and documentation (Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Inspection, Food Safety Manager Certificate, Federal Tax ID, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance information) to ISD Health Division. Request a health inspection to check conformity to State Sanitary Code and Federal Food Code.


Alcoholic Beverages License

The number of available licenses is limited by State law.

Site Cleanliness

Site Cleanliness License

Submit dumpster site plan, maintenance schedule, disposal contract, and rodent/pest control contract to ISD Environmental Division, 1010 Mass Ave, 4th Floor.

Dumpster Placement Permit

If larger than 3 cubic yards, file an Annual Permit Application Form.