Completion of this checklist does not guarantee inspection approval. This information is provided to help you prepare for the necessary inspection(s) in starting your restaurant. Please contact the Office of Business Development at 617-635-0355 if you have further questions.

Building Inspection - Certificate of Occupancy

  • Emergency lights installed and functional

  • Fire escapes in satisfactory condition

  • Fire extinguisher tag dates current

  • Commercial duct work cleaning on schedule

  • Stairs properly railed

  • Exits/directional signs visible and lit

  • Sprinklers functioning properly

  • Fire alarm system/smoke detectors

  • Exitways unobstructed

  • General conditions satisfactory

Fire Inspection - Place of Assembly Permit

  • ISD Certificate of Inspection posted
  • Place of Assembly Permit posted
  • Flammability permits for all decorations, furnishings, and interior finishes
  • Egress plan on site, consistent with layout of furniture
  • Fire escapes clear and operable
  • Door self-closers operate correctly Exit doors swing outward
  • Exits unobstructed, lead to public way
  • Good general housekeeping
  • Stairwells clear with proper signage
  • Alarm system inspections up to date
  • Sprinkler inspections up to date

BFD Restaurant Roadmap Materials

See the complete list of BFD requirements »

Health Inspection - Food Service Health Permit

Management and Operations

  • Person In Charge (PIC) assigned, knowledgeable, performing duties

  • Proper, adequate handwashing

  • Chemicals stored properly and safely

  • Soiled linens stored in proper container

  • Mops and brooms stored properly

Food Safety

  • Proper food safety practices in storage, preparation, and service of food

  • Proper labeling of food containers and prepackaged foods

  • Coolers and/or hot holding units operating at proper temperature levels

  • Thermometers available to check food product temperatures

  • Food properly protected from contamination in storage, display, and preparation

  • In-use food utensils properly stored

  • Proper segregation of cooked and uncooked foods

  • No re-service of potentially hazardous or unwrapped foods

Equipment and Utensils

  • Three compartment sink with drainboards OR dishwashing machine operational and properly sanitizing (test kit for chemical sanitizing or proper temperature for high-temp sanitizing)

  • Wash water and rinse water are clean

  • Wiping cloths used for raw food stored in separate sanitizing solutions

  • Mop sink provided

  • Separate handwash sink in food preparation area

  • Food contact surfaces properly designed, maintained, installed

  • Non-food contact surfaces properly designed, maintained, installed

  • Proper storage of pots and pans

Plumbing and Waste Disposal

  • No waste water back up; proper backflow devices installed

  • Adequate number of refuse containers, clean and covered

Physical Facilities

  • No evidence of rodents or insects

  • Light fixtures above food products have protective shields properly installed

  • Handwash sinks with soap, drying device

  • Outside storage area clean

  • Kitchen areas properly ventilated 

See the entire list of health code violations at the Mayor’s Food Court website