Designing the Space

Constuction & Building Approval

Obtain ISD Health Division approval of restaurant design before construction or alteration.  Request a Plan Review appointment at 617-635-5326, then bring a completed Food Service Health Permit Application, equipment specs, menu, and 3 copies of plans to the appointment.

For major construction or structural changes, file a Long Form online.  For minor repairs, file a Short Form online.  For more information on building permit types, visit ISD’s website.

The Boston Fire Department (BFD) also requires permits for construction projects.  Those applications and guidelines can be found at the BFD’s Construction Site Safety web page.   

Secure the appropriate building/plumbing/gas/electrical/mechanical permits through ISD’s online application system.  Only licensed contractors may apply.  Obtain all required inspections.

Certificate of Occupancy: If no existing Certificate of Occupancy or if seeking to change the occupancy/use, apply at ISD Counter 3A with signed building card and final cost breakdown. Also see the BFD’s requirements for Certificate of Occupancy.   

Place of Assembly Permit (if occupancy is 50 persons ormore) is issued by the BFD.

Certificate of Inspection: Submit 3 sets of stamped plans to ISD Counter 3A, with capacity approvals from the Inspectional Services Department and Boston Fire Department; await inspection.