Public Site Licenses

The City of Boston has designated 21 locations on public property as public sites. These 21 sites are the only locations on public property where vendors may vend. Many of these are "cluster sites," with more than one food truck operating during each meal time.

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To vend on a public site, you need a current Food Truck permit and you must acquire a site license. All site licenses last for three months. The process by which you may acquire a slot that is occupied by another vendor depends on the type of site.

Zone 1 Sites

You must apply for Zone 1 slots in the mid-March annual site lottery. Occupants of zone 1 sites may only renew their site licenses until the next zone 1 site lottery. If an occupant releases their permit before the next zone 1 site lottery, a mini lottery is held. The mini lottery takes place quarterly and eligible vendors are notified. To participate in the lottery, you must plan to have a fully permitted and licensed truck.

Zone 2 and 3 Sites

If you want an occupied slot on a zone 2 and zone 3 sites, you must wait for the current occupant of the slot to give up the slot. The occupant of a zone 2 and 3 site may renew his or her site license as many times as she wishes. Open zone 2 and 3 sites are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Food Truck Zones

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Breakfast: 7AM-11AM
Lunch: 11AM-3PM
Dinner: 3PM-8PM
Late Night: 9PM-12AM**
Breakfast: 7AM-11AM
Lunch: 11AM-3PM
Dinner: 3PM-8PM
Breakfast: 7AM-11AM
Lunch: 11AM-3PM
Dinner: 3PM-8PM
City Hall Plaza
Boston Public Library**
Clarendon Street
Stuart Street
Boston Medical Center
West End
Milk & Kilby
Pearl & Franklin
Opera Place**
BU East**
Belvidere Street
BU West
1st Year Sites
Cleveland Circle
Dorchester Ave.
Dudley Square
Peter’s Park
These sites are good for 3-year operations starting 2015-2018

Site Costs

Effective April 1, 2016, site permit fees will be a monthly fee based on # of shifts per site. Vendors must pay the total cost of the site license at the beginning of the three month license period.

# of shiftsZone 1Zone 2Zone 3


Food Truck XCHPFridayLunch
BU EastFridayDinner
BU WestWednesdayLunch

Shift Totals:

  • 3 Shifts in Zone 1 = $325
  • 1 Shift in Zone 2 = $75
  • Total Month = $400 with Total Quarter= $1200

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