Private Site License

Vending on a private site

If you will vend on a private site, you must submit the following documents to Public Works, Permitting Office, Boston City Hall, Room 714.

  1. Completed Food Truck Permit Application

  2. A copy of the lease and/or letter of agreement from the property owner

  3. A photo of the site

  4. A scaled drawing of the site, noting truck location and service plan

A copy of the Use of Premise permit.
- Most private property in Boston will require a conditional use permit in order to host a Food Truck.
- In order to obtain a conditional use permit, fill out the Use of Premise permit application and submit it    electronically or to the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) at 1010 Massachusetts Ave.
- ISD will review your Use of Premise Permit Application and approve or deny it.
- If ISD denies the Use of Premise permit application you may appeal that decision to the Zoning Board of     Appeals by filing an Appeal Application with ISD at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue (filing instructions).

Application to Appeal

Cost of Appeal: $150

The vendor must attend a hearing and tell the Board why the vendor should be permitted to operate in the vendor’s chosen location. The Board will assess the appeal under Article 6 of the Boston Zoning Code, based on the appropriateness of the location for food truck vending and the chance of adverse effect, hazard, or nuisance.

If the Board approves the location for food truck vending, the ISD will issue a Use of Premise permit to the vendor.

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