Guide to Food Truck Permitting

Trimble GPS Contract


To get a Trimble GPS Contract, complete the following:

  1. Trimble Application

  2. Trimble Credit Card Authorization Form

  3. Trimble Shipping and Billing Form

  4. First page of Food Truck Permit Application (needs your signature but does not need any of the other signatures) to Brock Zylstra, ( 480-961-8801 (fax)

    An installer will contact you to arrange installation of the GPS device on your food truck. Do not take the GPS out of its box – the installer will do this.

  5. After contracting with Trimble, complete the Sprint New Vendor Account form and send it to Habrom Andemariam ( ) 617-959-3909.

    Where account form asks for driver’s license number, you may place your business tax ID # instead.

Full Instructions

Note on GPS

  • This GPS will allow people to check on the City of Boston’s website to see when and where your truck is open.

  • The public will not have access to your whereabouts at all times; only at the times you are vending.


  • Estimated Cost of GPS Equipment

    $299: Trimble GPS Equipment Fee
    $89: Trimble Installation Fee (one-time fee)
    $35/month: Sprint Data Plan

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