Guide to Food Truck Permitting

Fire Permit from Boston Fire

Getting your truck fire inspected

The Boston Fire Department will inspect your truck for fire hazards during your health inspection. All you have to do is schedule the health inspection. You will receive an Open Burning/Cooking Permit (if applicable) and the signature of a Fire Inspector on your FTP Application.

Bring the following to the inspection:

  1. If applicable, a completed Application for Open Burning/ Cooking Operations Permit

  2. In-Progress Food Truck Permit Application

Cost: $110

You must renew your Open Burning/Cooking Permit every year.


  • When you need an Open Burning/Cooking Permit

    If using propane or an open flame, you must have:

    1. Fire Suppression System installed
    2. Fire Extinguisher 40bc (K if deep frying)

    You need an Open Burning/Cooking Permit if you use anything but an inline generator to cook your food and power your truck.

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