Food Truck Business Plan

Your proposed business plan must include:

A sample menu with healthy menu option indicated. Must offer at least one healthy menu option.
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Statement on uniqueness of your product offering.

Please describe the food that you will be offering and how it differs from what is available nearby. While you should address issues such as the freshness and quality of your ingredients, it is also important to note the cultural or ethnic diversity that you could bring to an area. It is in this section that you should include your agreement that your product offerings will not compete with establishments within 100 feet of your food truck.

Your plan for the City's "Rethink Your Drink" campaign on beverage options, which is required for participation in the Food Truck Program.
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Your plans for operation at each location, including:

  1. When you plan to arrive for set-up, open for business, and depart.

  2. How you plan to staff your vehicle.

  3. A plan for customer qeueing.
    Please remember that pedestrian traffic cannot be impeded by your customer queue. In your plan, specify how you will keep a minimum of 4 feet of the sidewalk clear for pedestrian traffic.

  4. How you plan to keep other vehicles from parking in front of or behind your truck.
    For safety reasons you will need to insure that 20 feet in front of and behind your vehicle is free from other traffic and/or parking. A strategy to maintain this margin is necessary for consideration of your proposal. Any violation of this margin is a fire hazard.

  5. A plan to keep surrounding area free of trash, which must include:

    • Locating a trash barrel next to the truck.
      All trash generated by your food truck operation, including that in your trash barrel, must be taken with you when you leave each site.

    • At the end of the vending period, the food truck operator must sweep clean the site and, if necessary, wash down the site/sidewalk. Additionally the licensing authority is authorized to supsend the license for a minimum of 3 days at its discretion of any vendor that is found to have dumped food product down city sewers. Repeated violations may result in the revocation of a license.

  6. A plan for your staff's access to a restroom at each site.

Proof of service by a commissary.

Statement on Community Engagement

Please demonstrate how your operation is committed to the community it serves. Specifically, please describe local hiring and training practices, any plan you might have to source your ingredients locally, and whether or not your commissary is located in the City of Boston.

Statement on Environmental Sustainability

Please let us know if your food truck operations include environmentally sustainable practices such as: using locally grown and sourced ingredients, use of alternative fuels or low-emissions vehicles, bio-based food serviceware, or recycling and composting practices.