Guide to Food Truck Permitting

Business Certificate

Getting a Business Certificate

If your permanent business location is in Boston: Complete a City of Boston Business Certificate Application to get a Business Certificate. Enter the address of your commissary, office or other permanent location as your business address and list your vending locations on a separate sheet of paper. Submit the application and the list of vending locations to Boston City Hall, One City Hall Square, Room 601.

Cost (Boston): $50

If your permanent business location is outside of Boston: Apply for a business permit in the town of your permanent business location (commissary, office, or other location).

Business certificate costs vary by city (typically between $20-$100)

Cambridge Business Certificate
Somerville Business Certificate
Framingham Business Certificate
Newton Business Certificate
Peabody Business Certificate
Waltham Business Certificate

You must renew your Business Certificate every four years.

If your city is not listed above you can find the business certificate application for your area by contacting your local City Clerk’s Office.

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