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Fire Permits & Applications
Applications, guidelines, and other information for permits issued by the Fire Department.

Medical Registration Forms
Per Massachusetts General Law physicians practicing medicine in Boston must present their certificate of registration to the City Clerk of Boston. Forms for physicians, optometrists, podiatrists, electrologists, osteopaths.

New or Renewal Business Certificate
New or renewal of business registration form which must be filed every four years.

Change of Location Business Certificate
Form must be filed by businesses with the City Clerk after a change of location.

Change of Corporate Name Form (D/B/A)
Form must be filed with a change in name of the corporation.

Change of Corporate Officers Form
Form must be filed following a change of corporate officers.

Withdrawal of Business Certificate
Businesses that cease to exist must file this form with the City Clerk.

Building permits
Businesses must apply for specific permits to build from the Inspectional Services Department.

Raffle Permits
Application of Nonprofit organizations for permit to conduct raffles, bazaars, and Las Vegas nights.

Food and Alcohol License
The Board grants and regulates various types of alcohol and food licenses for restaurants, nightclubs, private clubs, package stores, hotels, and inns.

Automatic Amusement Devices License
Form must be filed with use of any coin controlled amusement game machine.

Non-Live Entertainment License
Form must be filed with use of any non-live entertainment devices such as radios, jukeboxes, widescreen televisions.

One-Time Entertainment License
Must be filed by businesses or organizations who intend to hold an event for one-time only.

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