Boston Residents Jobs Policy

It is the policy of the City of Boston to comply with all laws and regulations concerning the hiring of workers in the construction process regarding federally assisted, city sponsored, and privately funded developments within the City limits. The purpose of this website is to provide compliance information to developers and contractors so that they may more easily achieve compliance regarding the Boston Construction Employment Standards.


The mission of the Boston Residents Jobs Policy Office is to increase employment opportunities for Boston residents, workers of color, and women on City of Boston funded construction projects and to monitor for compliance with labor standards and prevailing wages on federally funded projects.


Chapter 30 of the Ordinance of 1983 established the Boston Residents Jobs Policy.

The Mayor's Executive Order of July 12, 1985, entitled The Executive Order Extending the Boston Residents Jobs Policy, requires the Developer to prepare, and submit, and the authority to approve, a construction employment plan.

The Boston Employment Commission has been established by an ordinance passed by City Council on July 30, 1986 and signed by the Mayor of the City of Boston. The Commission was created for the purpose of ensuring that findings may be determined with respect to compliance of the Boston Residents Jobs Policy in a manner that is comprehensive, consistent, and fair for all parties involved.

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