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Theft Prevention and Stolen Items

Lock Your Bike

Use both a cable lock and a U-lock for maximum protection. Never leave any quick-release parts unsecured (e.g. wheels, seat).

Record Your Serial Number

Keep a record of your bike's serial number, make, model, and color to provide to police in the event of theft.

Register Your Bike

The Boston Police Department participates in the National Bike Registry program. Coverage costs range from $10-25. You can also register your bike after it is stolen for 99 cents.
Register Online

Report a Stolen Bike

In the event of theft, call the Boston Police Department (BPD) immediately. It is best to call the station that is located within the same district in which the bike was stolen. If you are unsure of the district, type a nearby address into our online database or call the BPD Office of Media Relations at 617-343-4530.
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Parking and Public Transit

Park Your Bike

Contact Boston Bikes to request a bike rack.
Map of Bike Racks installed by the City of Boston
MBTA Bike Parking Information
Many parking garages also offer racks for bikes.

Take Your Bike on Public Transit

MBTA Bike Rules

Questions and Problems

Report via Mayor's 24 Hour Hotline

Call to report issues like potholes, missing traffic signs, faulty traffic lights, abandoned bicycles, etc. to the Mayor's 24 Hour Hotline.
Mayor's 24 Hour Constituent Service
Phone: 617-635-4500

Catch Basin Grates

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission can realign drain grates that are parallel to the flow of traffic or are not flush with the roadway surface. Call 617-989-7000 with the nearest street address or intersection (must be in the City of Boston).

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Facilities Issues

For facilities such as the Charles River Path, Southwest Corridor, Charles River Bridges, Parkways, and Boulevards, please direct road and path defect reports to DCR’s Division of Urban Parks and Recreation, Office of Community Relations.
Phone: 617-626-4973

Complaints About Other Road Users


You can file a complaint of improper operation:
MA RMV Complaint of Improper Operation Form 

Mail to: Registry of Motor Vehicles "Complaint of Improper Operation"
PO Box 55896
Boston, MA 02205-5896

Bicycle Messengers

For poor conduct, reckless operation, or criminal behavior, give the messenger number, date, time, location, and description of incident to the Boston Police Department’s Hackney Division
Contact Hackney Division
Phone: 617-343-4475

Taxi Drivers

If you have an issue with a Boston licensed taxi cab operator, you can file a complaint with the Boston Police Department's Hackney Division. 
Complaint Form

MBTA Bus Drivers

You can file a complaint, suggestion, or commendation to the MBTA. Provide the date and time of the incident, location, four-digit bus number if available, and a description of what happened.
Phone: 617-222-3200