Grant/Special Revenue Management

The City of Boston is committed to establishing sound fiscal practices for the City government. To that end, it has created this web site, an on-going project, to document relevant policies and procedures around Grant/Special Revenue Management. This site has been created for all parties involved in the Grant/Special Revenue Monitoring Process and was developed by grouping related tasks into areas of responsibility. Currently, this site has five areas, described below.

Application and Review

Due to the numerous sources and purposes of Grant/Special Revenue funding, it is impossible to document all potential knowledge areas around Grant/Special Revenue Application & Review. However, an attempt has been made here to provide Sponsoring Departments with some of the basic information on these two topics:

Funding Resources
Basic information on internal and external Grant/Special Revenue funding sources
Funding Resources

Application Review Process
Information on:
  • Completing the application,
  • The review and provisional approval of the application by central administrative departments, and,
  • Requesting a City Council Order to Expend the funding received from the Grantor
Application Review Process


Includes policies and procedures around Award Notification & Acceptance, as well as the set up of the Grant/Special Revenue accounts in BAIS Financials.


Covers all forms and information on how to complete paperwork related to the accounting aspects of Grant/Special Revenue management including how to establish, increase and decrease a budget, and transfer funds within and across funding sources.

Sub-Recipient Roles & Responsibilities

Covers what any sub-recipient needs to do to prepare the Payment/Reimbursement Packet (invoice) for reimbursement from their Sponsoring Department along with related information necessary to be in compliance with City of Boston regulations.
Sub-Recipient Roles & Responsibilities


The Grant/Special Revenue Administration area covers two general topics:

Managing Sub-Recipient Relationships:

  • The definition and role of a sub-recipient
  • How a relationship between a recipient and sub-recipient is initiated and authorized, including the role of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or contract
  • Processing Reimbursements to sub-recipients
Managing Sub-Recipient Relationships


  • Federal and state reporting requirements for both financial and programmatic purposes
  • An overview of back up documentation and document maintenance requirements
  • Processes for reimbursement and funds receipt from federal and state grantors
  • Detail Reporting options from BAIS HR and BAIS FN.


Other Useful Site Links:

  • Common Forms - A list of forms referenced on this site for quick access.