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The City of Boston is committed to establishing sound fiscal practices for the City government. To that end, it has created this web site, an on-going project, to document relevant policies and procedures around Grant/Special Revenue Management. This site has been created for all parties involved in the Grant/Special Revenue Monitoring Process and was developed by grouping related tasks into areas of responsibility. Currently, this site has five areas, described below:

The Grant/Special Revenue Application and Review area includes general issues around finding and applying for Grant/Special Revenue funding, as well as how to prepare for the potential awarding of the funds.

The Grant/Special Revenue Establishment area includes policies and procedures around Award Notification & Acceptance, as well as the set up of the Grant/Special Revenue accounts in BAIS FN.

The Grant/Special Revenue Accounting area covers all forms and information on how to complete paperwork related to the accounting aspects of Grant/Special Revenue management including how to establish, increase and decrease a budget, and transfer funds within and across funding sources.

The Sub-Recipient Roles & Responsibilities area covers what any sub-recipient needs to do to prepare the Payment/Reimbursement Packet (invoice) for reimbursement from their Sponsoring Department along with related information necessary to be in compliance with City of Boston regulations.

The Grant/Special Revenue Administration area addresses the allocation and accounting of Funds, Reimbursement and Documentation requirements, and how to work with sub-recipients and sub-contractors.

In the future, we will be adding two other areas:

The Grant/Special Revenue Monitoring area, will cover the roles and responsibilities in the audit process and what can be expected by both those that are conducting audits as well as those being audited

The Grant/Special Revenue Close Out area will outline the steps required when a Grant/Special Revenue has expired or funds have been depleted..

Other useful site links:
  • Common Forms - A list of forms referenced on this site for quick access.

  • Common Terms & Concepts - A list of common terms and concepts pertaining to Grant/Special Revenues Management that may be found on this site.

  • Site Map - An outline of the entire Grant/Special Revenues Management Web Site including web site links.

  • Grant/Special Revenue Management Distribution List Addition- Click here to sign up to receive important notifications around Grant/Special Revenue management, including updated policy and procedures and changes to the web site as they are released. All Department designated Grant/Special Revenue managers are automatically members of this list.

A-133 Report. Fiscal Year Ended: June 30, 2008 (100kb)
Audited By: KPMG, LLP

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