Historic Burying Grounds Initiative

Boston's historic cemeteries are important examples of the City's early landscape, linking contemporary Boston with a rich historical legacy. The City of Boston has sixteen historic burying grounds and three larger garden-style cemeteries under its jurisdiction which date between 1630 and 1892 and are located in thirteen Boston neighborhoods. The burying grounds house a rich collection of historic artifacts that tell many stories about Boston's cultural heritage.

The Historic Burying Grounds Initiative (HBGI) is a public/private cooperative program established within the Boston Parks and Recreation Department with the history of the initiative dating back to the early 1970's. Its mission is the comprehensive restoration, on-going conservation, and heritage interpretation of Boston's sixteen historic burying grounds.

Learn more about the HBGI program and the histories of the individual burying grounds, search historic headstones, gravestone iconography, and how you can help!

List of Burying Grounds


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