Petition For New Resident Parking Program

The City of Boston’s Resident Parking Program works to provide Boston residents with preferential access to on-street parking spaces in Boston’s neighborhoods. Resident Parking Only parking restrictions are currently in place on multiple streets in most neighborhoods of Boston.

The Resident Parking Program is effective at deterring long-term parking by non-residents on residential streets that are located near MBTA stations, commercial districts and other areas where parking is in heavy demand. It must be noted, however, that the parking restrictions associated with the Resident Permit Parking Program apply to all vehicles not registered in the neighborhood. This includes those vehicles that belong to friends and family of local residents, as well as to those vehicles owned by residents but registered to an address outside of the neighborhood. Although a small number of Visitor Parking spaces with short-term time limits are set aside for this purpose, the vast majority of parking spaces are reserved for residents.

Petition Requirements

Typically, a new Program, or an expansion thereof, must be initiated by neighborhood residents in the form of a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of residents who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older; and

  • Live on the streets proposed to be included in the Program.

In general, it is required that more than one street in a neighborhood is included in a new Program request.

You will be asked to include the following with your petition signatures:

  • City of Boston neighborhood;

  • Streets proposed to be included in the Resident Parking Program; and

  • A description of current parking problem on these streets.

How to Submit a Petition

Petitions should be submitted to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, to the attention of the coordinator for the neighborhood where the Program is being proposed.

What Happens After You Submit

Neighborhood Coordinators will work with the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) and the Office of the Parking Clerk to ensure that a department representative is in attendance at a community meeting to discuss the proposal in detail. As part of the process, BTD will need to make a site visit to the location and engineering plans will need to be created prior to signs being fabricated and posted.

Residents should expect that the approval and implementation process will take a minimum of three months to complete, and weather and other factors may further delay the process.


Residents with questions about the City of Boston’s Resident Parking Program are encouraged to contact the Boston Transportation Department at

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  • Questions?

    Please call the Office of the Parking Clerk's Resident Parking Division at 617-635-4682 with questions on how to apply for a permit.

  • Reminder

    Resident Parking Permits must be renewed every two years.