Parking Meters


  • Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM.


  • $1.25 per hour or $0.25 for 12 minutes.

Time Limit

  • 2 hours maximum unless otherwise posted.

Sundays and Government-Recognized Holidays

  • Meters are free and there is no time limit.

  • Rush hour restrictions and all other parking regulations are enforced.

  • Note that "holidays" are on the actual day of the holiday, not the day the government recognizes the holiday. For example, if New Year's Day is Saturday but offices are closed on Friday, parking meters will be free on Saturday.


  • Always check the signage posted around meters carefully.

  • Pay the meter with quarters, dollar bills, credit card, or the ParkBoston App (if applicable). Most meters in Boston take quarters.

  • Pay and Display Meters: Take your receipt from the parking meter and stick it on the inside of your vehicle's curbside window to verify proof of payment.

  • Return to your vehicle before the time expires.

Meter Types You'll Find in Boston

Single Space Meters

Single space meters are located throughout the city's most popular shopping, business, and entertainment areas such as Faneuil Hall, the Financial District, Back Bay and South End. All single space meters accept quarters, MasterCard and VISA Debit/Credit cards.

IPS Credit Card Meters
These meters are currently located on parts of Charles Street, Beacon Street and Park Street. IPS Credit Card meters will accept quarters, MasterCard and VISA Debit/Credit cards.
Pay and Display Meters

Pay and display meters are battery operated and recharged by solar power, these meters provide instructions in both English and Spanish. These meters accept MasterCard and Visa debit/credit cards, dollar bills, and quarters.

Online Services

Parking Apps

  • ParkBoston: Meters Paid by App

    No more digging for quarters; you can now pay for street parking in Boston with your phone. ParkBoston is a mobile app for iPhones and Androids and will work at meters marked with the ParkBoston sign.

    Learn More

  • Paytix for Parking Tickets

    Boston PayTix is the fastest way to pay your parking tickets. Just scan your ticket with your phone, enter in your payment information, and you’re done.