Office of the Parking Clerk

The Office of the Parking Clerk (OPC) is responsible for the collection and adjudication of fines and fees resulting from the issuance of parking tickets. OPC is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Resident Permit Parking Program. This program is designed to give residents a better chance of finding on-street parking in their own neighborhoods.

Parking Tickets

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    Paytix for Parking Tickets

    Boston PayTix is the fastest way to pay your parking tickets. Just scan your ticket with your phone, enter in your payment information, and you’re done.

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General Parking Information

  • Resident Parking Sign (75)

    Resident Parking Permits

    Boston's Resident Parking Permit Parking Program is designed to give residents a better chance of finding an on-street parking space in their neighborhoods. Residents who live in areas where parking is regulated for residents only must apply for a Resident Parking Permit to avoid receiving parking tickets.

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    Parking Meters

    The City’s parking meters are in operation Monday throughout Saturday, 8am-8pm. Residents may deposit enough money to legally park for up to two hours maximum.

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    ParkBoston: Meters Paid by App

    No more digging for quarters; you can now pay for street parking in Boston with your phone. ParkBoston is a mobile app for iPhones and Androids and will work at meters marked with the ParkBoston sign.

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