Boston One Card

In 2010, the City of Boston piloted a new card to make the City's educational resources easier for students to access. Rather than carry a separate MBTA pass, school ID, library card and community center card, students at Josiah Quincy Upper School only needed one card - the Boston One Card.

Following the successful pilot program, the One Card program has scaled up to all high schools in the Boston Public Schools system.

If you have any questions about this card, want to tell us what you think of it, or have ideas for how it could be better, please let us know at

Find out more about what bostONEcard can connect students to:

Boston Centers for Youth &
Connect with the City’s 38 recreation centers.
Find activities to do when you’re not in school.

Boston Public
Discover a world of books, music, maps and movies.

Boston Public 
Access all you need to know about BPS.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Learn the fastest way to get around Boston.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

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Where can I use this?
What do I do with my old community center card, library card, school ID, and MBTA pass?
What happens to my card if I switch schools?
Do I have to do anything special to use this card?
Can I add money to the card for breakfast or lunch?
What if the card is lost or stolen?
Can someone else use my card?
What if a partner organization (school, community center, MBTA or library) doesn’t recognize the card?
How long is my card valid?
I have a sibling/friend in another school who doesn’t have a card like mine. How can they get one?
How will information from this card be used?

Video & Multimedia

  • BostONE Card Kickoff

    Mayor Menino helps launch the pilot program for the innovative BostONE cards, which will link students; MBTA pass, library card and BCYF pass onto one card.

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