Create a Plan (150)

Create a Plan

Begin planning your family emergency planning by creating a family communications plan.

Your family may not be together when an emergency occurs. Keep your peace of mind and create a family comunications plan using the Family Planner Tool.

Keep these key steps in mind when creating your plan:

  • Identify an out-of-town contact
  • Important phone number for each family member 
  • Designate two meeting places: near home and outside your neighborhood
  • Map evacuation routes
  • Locate Neighborhood Emergency Centers
  • Incorporates your family's unique needs into the emergency plan 
  • Learn emergency plans for places your family frequents 

  • Family Preparedness Planner

    Family Preparedness Planner

    The Family Preparedness Planner is an interactive tool to create a personalized emergency plan for individuals and families. It's never too early to get prepared, so start planning today!

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