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The JCS Planning Department periodically issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for various types of services.  The frequency of  RFPs depends on the availability of funding. RFPs are issued by the Neighborhood Jobs Trust when sufficient linkage funds have accumulated in the Trust to warrant an RFP. You may click on the links to see whether there are any RFPs currently open, or to see a copy of a previous RFP. Previous RFPs are posted for informational purposes only; please do not respond to them. To receive notice of RFPs when they are issued, email and ask to be put on our mailing list.

Request for Qualifications

Choice Neighborhoods Program

Choice Neighborhoods Map

Open RFPs

The following RFPs (Requests for Proposal) are currently open. Please read the RFP to see the proposal deadline, what services are eligible, and whether a Letter of Intent to Apply is required.

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Previous RFPs

The following RFPs are no longer open. Please do not respond to them. They are posted here for informational purposes only.

Research Reports

Recent reports or studies which you may find useful in your work. Most of these reports have not been produced by JCS; some are referred to in our RFPs. Some of them are national in scope; others concern Massachusetts or Boston.

None currently available.  

Neighborhood Jobs Trust

The "Guide to the Neighborhood Jobs Trust", a five-page explanation of how the Jobs Trust works and what kinds of activities it funds. Developers of buildings over 100,000 square feet pay linkage fees to the Neighborhood Jobs Trust and the Neighborhood Housing Trust. Trustees allocate those funds in accordance with the rules of the trust. A developer who is also an employer (for example, a hospital) has the right, once the initial jobs linkage payment has been made, of applying to get back a portion of that payment to fund job training. The trustees vote on whether to approve such applications. In general, however, Jobs Trust funds are awarded through competitive RFPs issued when enough money has accumulated in the trust.

Neighborhood Jobs Trust GUIDE

Staff Contacts

Ken Barnes
Deputy Director for Planning and Policy Development

Todd Lee
Planner – Adult Education/ESOL

Danielle Drummond

Lee Fields
Contract Compliance Manager

Ellen President
Database Manager

Cindy Chow
Administrative Assistant