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Boston EMS encourages anyone and everyone to learn CPR. By knowing this life saving technique, you will have the power to save a life - and with Hands-Only CPR it is now easier than ever to learn!

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What is CPR?
Why is learning CPR important?
Who should learn CPR?
What is Hands-Only CPR?
What is CPR Anytime?
How long does it take to get CPR certified?
How can members of my business or community organization learn CPR?
Where can an individual learn CPR?

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  • Boston EMS Talks About CPR on NPR

    Boston EMS' Deputy Joe O'Hare spoke to NPR about the importance of CPR and how our 911 call takers provide instructions over the phone when a patient requires CPR. To increase the chance of a bystander performing CPR and using American Heart Association guidelines, Boston EMS has given chest compression-only instructions for years. Two studies recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that compression-only CPR is just as adequate as CPR with both compressions and respirations.  Everyone should learn CPR. Check out our website for more information on classes.

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