Patient Testimonials

The men and women of Boston EMS work tirelessly to serve the residents and visitors of Boston. The following testimonials are from patients and/or their loved ones who expressed gratitude for the quality care they received from our personnel.

In an attempt to gather feedback on service delivery, Boston EMS sends all transported patients a patient satisfaction survey. We receive countless positive handwritten comments and would like to share a different quote each week.

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"We were very impressed and grateful for your service that day."

"The EMTs were very nice, they calmed me down, were very helpful and reassuring."

"They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring for my brother."

"They both made me feel extremely safe and very well taken care of.

"The gentlemen who arrived at the school for my son's broken arm were excellent. They are the best of the best and handled my child and the situation professionally. I was 100% satisfied and pleased."

"I wish they did not cut my favorite (and expensive!) Red Sox t-shirt off. But I was able to replace it so ALL is good now. I cannot say enough about how great, caring and professional the EMT's were. A++++!!!

My husband woke me up by an odd sort of sound. He wasn't breathing. I called 911 and the operator walked me through CPR. The EMTs arrived within a very few minutes and took over. He was in full cardiac arrest. They shocked and intubated him, and performed CPR all the way to the hospital. I can't thank the team enough for their clear-headed and quick response. My husband survived and is expected to make a full recovery!!! The EMTs made his survival possible.

- P., Boston, MA

"EMT Jimmy was extremely competent, reassuring, and kind both to my mother and to all the rest of the family. He and his partner moved and transported her with minimal pain. He answered all our questions calmly all the while helping my mother in a very reassuring way. He was a very good representative of Boston EMS, and I would like him to know how much we appreciate his efforts."

- Carol, Boston, MA

Marathon Testimonial

This 2011 Boston Marathon runner's sign is testimonial enough. "Thanks to Boston EMS / Mass General - Revived Repaired 2010."
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- Bernie, MA

"My daughter was running in the Boston Marathon and collapsed at the 26 mile marker. The EMS paramedic at the tent had to intubate her because she lost consciousness and was vomiting. I want that worker to know how much we appreciate all he did. We are so pleased with the care she received and that care started with your department. We will be forever grateful."

- Norma, RI

On his experience with a free car seat installation:

"The team there yesterday was very helpful. I wish I remembered the name of the gentlemen that helped us but he was extremely informative, took the time to explain things consistently, checked in to see if we had any questions and was VERY thorough and had a fantastic personality and sense of humor. Being a first time parent with our child on the way, it made us feel very at ease and confident. Thanks for providing this service!"

- Joshua, Boston, MA

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"911 was called after my father collapsed due to extremely low blood pressure. Boston EMS responded to the call and my mother and I could not have asked for a better team! They calmed us down as well as my father who was extremely scared. The EMTs kept talking to him (and my mother and I) with calm, humor and constant information as to what was happening. We all went to the hospital in the ambulance and throughout the entire experience, which was scary for all, they were really wonderful. My father is doing very well now with many thanks to our ambulance team!"

- Sarah, Boston, MA

"I just wanted to express how thankful my family and I are for the care that was given to our son by the team that responded to our 911 call. We were beyond frightened and the EMTs were both knowledgeable and kind. They provided the care that we needed very quickly and they went above and beyond the call of duty in making us feel comfortable and reassured. With all sincerity, thank you!"

- Danielle, Cape Elizabeth, ME

"I was feeling faint and Boston EMS responded. The personnel were so professional in their appearance and more importantly their knowledge and their bedside manner. The woman who took direct charge was calm, efficient and caring and at the same time able to explain what she was doing, what she was looking for and what she thought was the best next step. I felt I was in strong and competent hands. I have never been in need of emergency help so this was a first experience. In this day and age of people focusing on negative issues I felt that it was important to acknowledge the exemplary services I received."

- Barrie, Boston, MA

"Just wanted to thank the four EMTs that responded to my house when my wife called 911 on my behalf. The two initial responders, who arrived very promptly, determined very quickly that I was having a heart attack, gave me aspirin and oxygen, and then called in a second unit with an ECG unit. Their speed, diagnostic skills, procedural and medical care, and compassion throughout is humbling to me. Because they did everything so well so quickly, along with my wife's quick reaction and the great team of doctors and nurses at Beth Israel, I am able to write this today! My heart received much less damage partly because of their prompt care, and I am actually looking forward to being able to run again within a short time (hopefully!)"

- Anonymous, Boston, MA

"Boston EMS was called for my brother after he was assaulted outside a bar. The EMTs/Paramedics that responded were completely professional and showed true concern for my brother's injuries. Originally my brother did not want to go in the ambulance. My brother called me and the EMT/Medic took the time to talk to me on the phone and expressed his concern for my brother's injuries and felt he really should seek immediate care. I was impressed by the professionalism and genuine concern that this crew showed. I'm extremely thankful that this crew was the one to respond. Thank you again for a job well done!"

- Stacy, Newton, MA

"I collapsed from a cardiac arrest on my way to work. Either the citizens saw me fall or someone altered EMS and they immediately defibrillated me and gave me CPR. They then transported me to the hospital for follow up attention. Everyone at the hospital told me that my degree of recovery from a cardiac arrest out on the street is due completely to the quick and appropriate response of the EMS crews. I can’t thank them enough for saving my life and giving me more time with my family."

- William, Falmouth, MA

"I want to thank the team of paramedics who responded to a call from my gym after I fainted in the locker room several weeks ago. The crew was thorough, quick and very reassuring as they got me to the ER. I appreciate the team's professional judgment."

- John, Boston, MA

"My dad and I were recently called to go to my grandmother's house because she could not breathe. She was in a severe respiratory crises. We called 911 and four Boston EMS personnel arrived. I cannot express how wonderful they were with my grandmother. While they were treating her, they called her by name and were very respectful of her. Unfortunately, the economy, health care crises and things in general, make you very weary of the quality of care you will receive these days. I wanted to make sure I notified Boston EMS of the outstanding quality of care that was given to my grandmother. I know most people only notify companies or supervisors when there is a problem or complaint. I wanted to say thank you to the four people who made a world of difference to my grandmother and my family. They truly are remarkable and do an outstanding job. Boston EMS should be very proud to have them work for them. Thank you."

- Annette, Quincy, MA

"I have been running health center flu clinics and I must say that your staff has been the best thing to happen to me. With all the headaches involved in organizing and running these clinics, the volunteer EMTs have been the clinch people! Whether it was giving shots to children without tears, pre-filling hundreds of syringes or managing a potentially unruly crowd they have been outstanding. Thank you all! Your excellence is the rule not the exception."

- Peri, Boston, MA

"I recently became lightheaded at work. My co-workers indicated that I did not look well and called Boston EMS. Your EMTs arrived promptly and were extremely professional and reassuring to me. Along the way I was treated to excellent care delivered with personal compassion. Once they arrived I no longer felt threatened as I was quickly transported to the hospital."

- Stephen, Wellesley, MA

"My girlfriend blacked out behind the wheel of her car and struck a pole. I am grateful that was not in severe trauma. I work on an ambulance too and I know that we never get recognition for the day to day things, so I just wanted to let everyone know that she is better for having all of you there. You created a safe environment. Thank you."

- Andrew, Boston, MA

"While visiting Boston, my father had difficulty breathing and some chest pain. My mother called for an ambulance and your crew responded. My father expressed how grateful he was for the outstanding service he received from your units. As an EMT-B myself, I would like to personally thank you for helping my father out."

- C.O., Boston, MA

"I went to my parent’s home to check on my dad and found him unresponsive. I called 911 and within a minute the ambulance arrived as well as several police cars. The two paramedics that attended to my dad were exceptional. The patience and knowledge that they demonstrated was so appreciated. I felt so much better when they got there because I knew my dad was in trouble. On behalf of my entire family we thank your department for going above and beyond."

- Charlotte, Nashua, NH

"I called 911 because I was dizzy and had tightness in my chest. EMT John was so kind and supportive. I, of course, was a bit nervous and he really calmed me down. He was very respectful."

- Jill, Boston, MA

"While waiting in line for the Tall Ships and Sail Boston activities, my girlfriend fainted. A short time later three Boston EMS personnel took her to the First Aid Station. When I arrived, my girlfriend was lying on a stretcher and as I watched and listened to the technicians, I was truly amazed by their sense of duty, professionalism and attention to detail. They took such wonderful care of the both of us and I couldn’t help but feel so fortunate to have this level of service in a place where we both work and visit often. We are truly thankful for the support and consummate professionalism that is displayed by EMS and the City of Boston."

- Chris, Peabody, MA