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About Boston EMS

As the City of Boston’s premier emergency medical services provider and the largest municipal EMS service in New England, Boston Emergency Medical Services (Boston EMS) is a nationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine.

The Department employs over 350 EMTs and Paramedics who respond to an average of 300 emergencies per day and more than 116,000 per year, making Boston EMS one of the busiest services in the country. The men and women of Boston EMS are highly skilled and specially trained to provide state-of-the-art pre-hospital emergency medical care. Under the leadership of the Medical Director, Boston EMS leverages the latest advances in both medicine and technology in order to provide the residents and visitors of Boston with the best pre-hospital medical care. During peak times, Boston EMS operates 19 Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances and 5 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances from stations strategically located throughout the City.

While Boston EMS’ primary mission is to respond to 9-1-1 calls for medical emergencies, this represents only a single component of our service. As a bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston EMS bridges the gap between public health and public safety and plays an important role in the medical aspects of the City’s emergency preparedness efforts. The Department works closely with our public safety, healthcare, and private sector partners to plan for mass casualty incidents and medical surge, ensuring that the people of Boston can count on a well planned, coordinated response in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

In addition to preparing the City for large-scale emergencies, Boston EMS also delivers enriching community programming designed to strengthen the health and well-being of the City’s residents. Through our Community Initiatives Division, Boston EMS operates several programs designed to educate the community about EMS response and local public health issues. Boston EMS is a committed partner of the community and is dedicated to improving and protecting the lives of Boston visitors and residents.

Learn more about the department by viewing Boston EMS' Vital Statistics and accompanying definitions sheet.

Vital Stats

Boston EMS Vital Stats Definitions

Mission Statement

Boston EMS, the provider of emergency medical services for the City of Boston, is committed to compassionately delivering excellent pre-hospital care and to protecting the safety and health of the public.

Vision Statement

Boston EMS' vision is to expand upon our role as a critical public safety agency that delivers exceptional pre-hospital emergency medicine in an urban environment. The department will remain at the forefront of EMS advancements, driving progress in clinical care, operations, research and training. As a leader in all-hazard emergency preparedness, we will enhance our workforce and community's ability to be resilient when confronted by man-made and natural disasters. Boston EMS will continue to be viewed as a challenging, diverse and rewarding place to work as well as a model for other EMS agencies.

Core Department Values

Patient Advocacy:

The health and well-being of the patient is always our first priority. We are professionals who treat every patient with respect and compassion.

Clinical Excellence:

The members of Boston EMS are highly skilled and specially trained to provide state of the art pre-hospital emergency medical services. We provide every patient with excellent clinical care.

Leadership & Innovation:

As a leader in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine, we pride ourselves on innovating and leveraging the latest advances in both medicine and technology, bringing cutting edge care to the streets of Boston.


Our people are our greatest asset. The knowledge, experience, and compassionate nature of our employees make our service exceptional. Our workforce includes skilled professionals from different backgrounds and cultures, reflecting the diversity of the communities we proudly serve.


We strive to work effectively with our public safety and public health partners to solve problems, make decisions, and achieve common goals.

Pride & Unity:

We are proud of the work we do and the strength of our service. We are committed to one another and the patients we serve.


We are a leader in the field of emergency preparedness and take an active role in planning, training, response and recovery efforts to mitigate the medical consequences of disasters. We maintain the highest level of organizational and individual preparedness.


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Video & Multimedia

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  • Ribbon Cutting for New EMS Station

    Mayor Menino joins Tufts Medical Center President Ellen Zane and EMS Chief James Hooley to kick-off the grand opening of the new EMS ambulance station in Chinatown.

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  • CDC Preps for H1N1 Vaccine

    Boston EMS featured in CBS News coverage of H1N1 preparations by the Center for Disease Control.

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