Digital Strategy

Boston aims to become the most engaged city with empowered constituents and efficient government. DoIT's digital strategic plan dictates how information and technology are used to reach these goals.

The City's MIS Department was rebranded as the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) in 2010, representing the new reach of technology across the organization. The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) was also formed in 2010 as a team dedicated to building a bridge between innovators inside of City Hall and those throughout the community. For the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT), that change took an aggressive IT agenda to a higher level.

Now DoIT delivers solutions that help City departments more efficiently and effectively fulfill their responsibilities by:

  1. Engaging Citizens
  2. Connecting the City
  3. Closing the Digital Divide
  4. Increasing Efficiency
  5. Continuously Innovating
  6. Adapting Services to Meeting Changing Needs
  7. Creative Funding
  8. Working Collaboratively
  9. Creating a Sustainable City
  10. Open Government

Looking Forward - Boston's Digital Strategy for the Future

Empowered Constituents

Boston is at its best when all constituents have the opportunity to reach their goals. We are a dynamic and vibrant city because of our different backgrounds and experiences and become a stronger community when constituents are encouraged to share their expertise.

Engaged City

Boston creates meaningful connections with and between our city’s constituents, public, private, academic organizations, neighboring cities, and peer cities world-wide to innovate solutions to our greatest challenges.

Efficient Government

A solid foundation is what enables our innovative work. Boston operates as an efficient, open government. We streamline processes, automate information gathering, seek proactive solutions through data analysis, and make infrastructure choices that can adapt to accommodate future changes.