Transportation Resources for Bostonians with Disabilities

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV)

Established in 1991, the City of Boston Hackney Division's WAV Program consists of a fleet of 100 vehicles to provide transportation access to those that are unable to use traditional taxi cabs due to mobility impairments.

WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) are taxi cabs that have been modified to accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive mobility devices so that people with disabilities can travel independently. WAV cabs are typically min-vans or utility vehicles, and they look similar to other Boston taxi cabs because they have the same medallions, identifications, and paint markings. WAV cabs can be identified by the blue symbol of accessibility on the rear of the vehicle which lets people know that a particular cab is equipped with a ramp that can accommodate a wheelchair.

WAVs operate like regular taxis. You do not need to sign up ahead of time or fill out an application in order to use a WAV. Anyone who needs wheelchair accommodations can use a WAV. People with disabilities can hail a WAV vehicle on the street when they see one, or else they can call for a cab and request a WAV vehicle. Taxi cab companies have been instructed to respond to WAV requests in a timely manner. For more information, call the Boston Police Department Hackney Unit at 617-343-4475.

WAV Grade and Contact Information

Taxi Discount Coupon Program

The Elderly Commission partners with Boston Police Department Hackney Division to provide an affordable transportation option.

Under this program, City of Boston residents age 65 and over, as well as disabled residents of all ages may purchase coupon books worth $10 at a cost of $5 per book (a 50% discount) for all taxis licensed by the City of Boston.

  • Taxi Coupons do not expire.

  • You must be a resident of Boston to purchase coupons and proper ID is required.

  • Coupons can only be purchased with cash.

  • A maximum of two books per person per month can be purchased.

  • All City of Boston licensed taxi cab drivers are required to accept Taxi Discount Coupons.

Coupon books can be purchased at Boston City Hall, Room 271, or at various sites throughout the city. Please call 617-635-4366 for more information.

MBTA Access Guide Available Online

This pilot website is designed to provide information about the accessibility features, customer experience, and customer journey on all MBTA fixed route transportation modes (i.e. buses, subway, commuter rail). The intent of the site is to provide an understanding of how to best utilize MBTA system resources and recognize both customer and operator responsibilities.
Explore the Guide

MBTA Reduced Fare & Passes

The MBTA offers persons with disabilities reduced fare and pass options.
MBTA Reduced Fare & Pass Information

Residential Accessible Parking Space Program

In an effort to accommodate Boston residents whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to walk, the City of Boston has established a Residential Accessible Parking Space Program which is administered jointly by the Boston Commission for Persons with Disabilities (CPWD) and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD).

Any resident of Boston who meets the requirements of the Residential Accessible Parking Space Program is entitled to apply. However, possession of an HP / DV Plate or HP Placard does not guarantee that a request for a parking space will be approved. Additionally, applicants should be aware that the installation of a Residential Accessible Parking Space does not reserve a parking space for their exclusive personal use. All HP spaces on public streets in Boston are available for use by any vehicle with a valid HP / DV license plate, or an HP placard.

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