Key Initiatives

BCYF ACES Framework

BCYF is committed to providing high-quality, outcome-driven programs, while also adapting to meet the specific interests and needs of individual communities.  As a result, we have developed ACES (Arts, Community & Civic Engagement, Education & Sports, Fitness, Recreation & Health), a core program strategy designed to provide quality and consistency across BCYF programs citywide

BCYF Adult Education

BCYF Adult Education Programming builds invaluable life skills, promotes independence and increases employability.  Adult Education opportunities are offered at multiple BCYF community centers throughout Boston for individuals seeking to develop English language skills and/or acquire a High School Equivalency credential. BCYF’s Adult Education program utilizes a flexible, supportive, and student-centered approach.

BCYF Camp Joy

Since 1946, the BCYF Camp Joy Program has been providing high-quality, structured and enriching opportunities and activities for children and young adults with special needs.

BCYF G.I.R.L.S. Program

Growth, Intervention, Respect, Leadership & Service for Girls

BCYF is committed to providing high quality programs and services to meet the unique needs of Boston’s girls. Gender specific programming helps meet girls’ developmental needs in an empowering, supportive and welcoming environment. The goal of the BCYF G.I.R.L.S. Program is to help Boston’s girls meet their full potential and become healthy, strong, self-confident, and successful women through their participation in high-quality, meaningful programs that meet their interests and needs. BCYF provides programming that is inclusive of girls of all ages, interests and backgrounds. 

BCYF Recreation

BCYF Recreation offers a variety of innovative recreational activities, sports, and trainings to address the physical fitness, health, and social enrichment needs of all Boston residents. Programming is provided for all ages with a primary focus on providing a broad range of activities for youth ages 6-18 in fun, safe and secure settings. Activities are provided at no or very low cost and are available citywide, ensuring easy access for all.

BCYF Streetworker Program

BCYF Streetworker Program plays a critical role in keeping neighborhoods safe through the delivery of a youth violence prevention and early intervention program that has been celebrated and replicated nationwide as a best practice model. For over 20 years, the Streetworker Program has successfully deescalated and mediated potentially violent conflicts between neighborhood gangs and high-risk individuals who contribute to neighborhood violence. Streetworkers further serve as allies to at-risk youth and families by connecting youth and families with crucial community resources and supports. The program has received national and international praise for its work on the front lines.

BCYF Summer Programs

Across every neighborhood of Boston, BCYF community centers offer a rich menu of summer opportunities for young people and their families from summer camps and swimming, to sports programs, community cookouts, free drop-in enrichment activities, summer jobs, and more.  BCYF programs are designed to support healthy youth development and extend learning through the summer months with activities that challenge and engage youth, building on their natural energy, curiosity, and creativity.

BCYF Youth Outcomes

BCYF understands that quality programs can lead to positive developmental outcomes for youth, including improved academic achievement and emotional and behavioral health.  Utilizing the Advancing Youth Development framework from the Academy for Educational Development, BCYF has targeted six developmental youth outcomes, Self Worth, Belonging & Membership, Responsibility & Autonomy, Physical & Mental Health, Civic & Social Ability, and Intellectual Ability, that are integral in ensuring that youth are prepared for school, work and life.