Program Goals

Boston About Results seeks to answer three core questions: What is City government doing, How well are we doing it, and How can we do it better? To answer these questions we rely upon the following strategies in our work:


The ultimate goal of Boston About Results (BAR) is to ensure that the people of Boston receive the best possible City services in all areas. This goal is supported by a commitment to measuring performance against strategic priorities for all City departments. The statistical tools that BAR provides enable city officials to continuously evaluate services and improve quality of life in ways that really matter to Bostonians.


The analysts assigned to BAR work with department heads and senior City leaders to identify opportunities for performance improvement. Once identified, analysts work hand-in-hand with departments to deliver sustainable solutions to these performance deficits. Through a focus on collaboration, data-driven analysis, and relentless
follow-up, the BAR team enables real and lasting improvements in city services.


Boston About Results represents a citywide effort to increase accountability by sharing performance information. The performance reports available here on this website are published to demonstrate our commitment to improving performance and to emphasize that city government exists to serve the people of Boston.