Financing College

There are many ways to get money for college. Learn what kinds of financial aid you can apply for and how to do it! Do not forget to check out the City of Boston Scholarship Guide. Here are some helpful sites and resources.

Funding Your Education

US Department of Education tips about education after high school, paying tuition, applying for financial aid, loans, and Federal Pell Grants.

CSS Financial Aid Profile

This financial aid service through is required by many colleges and is used to determine your eligibility for nonfederal student aid funds.


ACCESS helps students in every Boston Public High School identify and apply for financial aid in order to attain their dream of attending college. If there is still a financial gap, ACCESS provides scholarships to eligible students.

Paying for College

Additional federal, state and private financial aid sources.


Online Federal Student Aid Application and Frequently asked questions.


Educational loans, primarily federally guaranteed student loans.

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    College Scholarships

    An online directory with hundreds of scholarships for Boston students.

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