Boston Women's Workforce Council

The mission of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, originally formed in April 2013, is to close the gender wage gap and remove the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement in today’s working world. The Council, comprised of female leaders in the private sector, academia, non-profit organizations, and labor unions, works with the businesses in the Greater Boston area in a public-private endeavor to ensure that 100% of the talent pool is used to make Greater Boston the premier place for working women in America.

Closing the Gender Gap in Boston

The Boston Women’s Workforce Council has created the BOSTON: Closing the Wage Gap report to support employers in attaining full wage equality. Today, women in Boston make up 52% of the city’s population but earn an average of only 83 cents for every dollar a man earns. The report examines this existing gender wage gap in the City of Boston and offers thirty-three interventions employers can implement to reduce it. The interventions outlined in the report are proven and practical ways employers across all sectors can close the wage gap in their workforce and enable Boston to become the best city in America for working women.

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Boston: Closing the Wage Gap