Meet the Women's Workforce Council

  • Cathy Minehan (75)

    Cathy Minehan (Chair)

    Dean of the School of Management
    Simmons College
  • Tricia Adams (75)

    Tricia Adams

    Marla’s Obsessions
  • Ruth Bramson (75)

    Ruth Bramson

    Girls Scouts of Eastern Mass
  • Victoria Budson (75)

    Victoria Budson

    Executive Director
    Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Elizabeth Hoenscheid (75)

    Elizabeth Hoenscheid

    Top it Off
  • Dr. Paula Johnson (75)

    Dr. Paula Johnson

    Chief, Division of Women’s Health
    Brigham & Women’s
  • Trish Karter (75)

    Trish Karter

    LightEffect Farms
  • Zorica Pantic (75)

    Zorica Pantic

    Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Kelly Pellagrini (75)

    Kelly Pellagrini

    Charlestown Nursery School
  • Alison Quirk (75)

    Alison Quirk

    EVP, Chief of Human Resources
    State Street
  • Priti Rao (75)

    Priti Rao

    Executive Director
    The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus
  • Micho Spring (75)

    Micho Spring

    President, New England
    Weber Shandwick
  • Jennifer Springer (75)

    Jennifer Springer

    General Counsel , SEIU Local 888
    EVP-at-Large, Mass AFL-CIO
  • Beth Williams (75)

    Beth Williams

    CEO and President
    Roxbury Technology Corp
  • Raquel Webster (75)

    Raquel Webster

    Senior Counsel
    National Grid
  • Wendy Zinn (75)

    Wendy Zinn

    Executive Director
    Huntington Avenue YMCA