Student Opportunities Exchange Portal

The Student Opportunities Exchange Portal is a one-stop website which connects city employees with students interested in either city internships or academic pursuits. The concise online application process helps both internship seekers and department managers find potential matches, and its simplicity speeds up the internship search for both parties.

Internship Opportunities

Boston-area students at either the undergraduate or graduate level may access the portal to view all internships available with the City of Boston. The portal directs motivated students to positions which offer valuable professional experience and cultivate an interest in contributing to the city, its neighborhoods, and its residents.

Academic Opportunities

The Portal also introduces a two-way approach to engaging City Departments and students in academic-based opportunities.

  1. Departments may post academic opportunities to the portal in the same way that they post internship opportunities. Academic opportunities may be anything from A to B. Students and professors participate in valuable academic exercises while the City receives the benefit of research through a free resource.
  2. In turn, professors or other academic leaders may contact the City to participate in an opportunity of their own making.

The open communication between the City and the Boston area's academic community contributes to standards of open government and higher learning for both parties.

City Opportunities

For the City, the ease of the portal's process and organization encourages departments to make more positions available for students in the government sector. In addition, all information related to applicants, positions, and hires is recorded in a single database for further metrics and analysis.

This portal allows city departments to:

  • add and edit both internship and academic opportunities for students
  • create and recruit for internship positions and academic projects
  • organize applicants
  • retain contact information of applicants
  • store previous experiences a city-employed individual or their department have hosted

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