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Recognizing the importance of social media outreach with our constituents, both as a means of engagement and sharing information, we recently updated our Social Media Center to be visually appealing and ultimately more user-friendly.

Redesign 2.0

The City's Social Media program continues to evolve and we have additional accounts and channels available for constituents to engage with. As a result, we've updated the organization and look/feel of our Social Media center to better showcase our offerings.

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In our update of the Social Media Center, we created a visual display that is both more organized, appealing and easy to scan; we also maintained our Recent Update Twitter feed and added screenshots of several City social media accounts.

Social Media Center (440)

The Old Look

Previously, users had to scroll through our Social Media Center to see what city departments and agencies were using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, and RSS feeds.


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Youtube and Flickr

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Foursquare and RSS

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