Parking Services

An expanded offering of online services related to parking helps Boston drivers avoid ticketing and towing, find parking, obtain permits and resolve violations. The Transportation Department has seen the benefits of the new systems in a decrease in the number of violations, reduction of administrative staff hours and more efficient collection of fees.

"Drivers consistently tell us that they simply forget to pay their tickets on time.  Ticket Alerts ease this financial burden on drivers as well as allow the Office of the Parking Clerk to reduce the administrative effort necessary to complete a long term collection process."
- Thomas J. Tinlin, Boston Transportation Commissioner

In response to receiving a towing alert, one user emailed:

"It's not fun to be towed, of course. But of course it's our own fault - so getting a timely email sure beats turning up at your car when you need it, and finding out it's not where you left it. So thank you very much for that service, it's really helpful. It also says where the car has been towed, which is also a time saver."
- Constituent, July 2011

Drivers can sign up for parking alerts including:

  • ticketing, 
  • towing, 
  • street sweeping 
  • violation payments
  • violation appeals, 
  • permitting, and 
  • parking restrictions.

Drivers can now search online to locate and recover a towed vehicle and even sign up to be notified by email or text message in the event that their car is towed.

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