Open Government

This year, the City of Boston launched its open government portal. This new portal offers Boston residents better access to the performance, processes and people of City government than we’ve ever had before. In fact, this portal puts Boston residents one click away from the City’s data scientist, its GIS manager, its performance director, and the heads of its innovation group.

In this way, Boston’s approach to open gov is different than most cities. Our intent is not just to make the City more accountable, professional, and transparent; our intent is to make City government more personal, accessible, and empowering. Through our open government site, we hope to shrink the distance between city residents and city government so that the new partnerships can form to move Boston forward.

Open Gov Portal

Open Data Cloud

The City of Boston is moving data to the cloud to establish our new public data platform, Data Boston. We are unlocking great potential using as a City asset. The site provides a wealth of information about what the city does on a daily basis as well as provide a better understanding about the city in general to constituents, developers, researchers, and the press. While improving transparency and accountability, it will also make possible new levels of service and responsiveness to constituent needs by encouraging innovation and civic engagement around data.

We're achieving our organization’s transparency goals, cost-effectively, by streamlining the data publishing process and automating maintenance and updates. Internal stakeholders in any department or agency become data publishers. Administrators manage the organization’s data in one central location, offer constituents a consistent and privately-branded online experience, and get real-time data consumption and citizen engagement metrics.

Data Platform