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Mobile Site

“As more people use mobile devices to access news and information, having a mobile site for the City of Boston is essential to providing services to our citizens. This is again further proof of our constant push for innovation and use of modern technology.”
 - Thomas M. Menino, Former Mayor of Boston

“The City of Boston is home to a diverse, digital savvy population. It was imperative to provide relevant content and services on smart phones for both our constituents and visitors.”
- Bill Oates, Former Chief Information Officer of the City of Boston

The mobile version of the City’s website is optimized for 5,000+ mobile devices including BlackBerries, Droids, iPhones and even the iPad.

Users visiting the City’s website from a mobile device are automatically redirected to the mobile version on their devices. In the first month of launch, over 15,000 users accessed the mobile site.

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated the look of the mobile site to match's current look and feel, improving our branding consistency.
  • Cleaner and more organized content specifically structured for mobile consumption.
  • Included search function on mobile site. 
  • Optimized web applications for mobile viewing.

Mobile Site Capabilities

Visitors to our mobile site can:

  • file a taxi complaint or lost property report immediately after stepping out of the cab; 
  • locate a towed car while standing in the location it was towed from; 
  • view election results as they come in; 
  • sign up for a street sweeping reminder immediately after parking; 
  • find something to do while out and about; and 
  • find visitor information while walking along the Freedom Trail.