Legislation Information Management System


The City of Boston had an antiquated and disjointed platform that formed the core of its legacy-based legislation information management system. The system had no workflow, document management, electronic communication or mechanism to publish information to the web.

In August of 2010, the City of Boston formed a steering committee with staff from Mayor's Office, City Council, City Clerk and the Department of Innovation & Technology to perform a comprehensive needs analysis, define requirements, and implement a new state of the art legislation information management system.

After 6 months of discovery, selection process, business process reengineering and execution, we rolled out a state of the art legislation information management system in January 2011. The solution streamlines the process of creating, publishing and accessing information about City Council meetings.

Paperless Process

The new system allows for meeting information to be managed electronically throughout the process:

  1. The City Council and Mayor's Office submit agenda items and supporting documents electronically to the Clerk's Office.

  2. The Clerk creates the agenda and publishes it to the web prior to meetings.

  3. Prior to the meeting, Citizens can view the agenda on the City's website at www.cityofboston.gov and the City Councilors download the agenda on their touch-screen tablets.

  4. Live video of the meeting is streamed to the website in real-time.

  5. Immediately following the meeting, meeting minutes are published on the City website. Videos are time stamped, linking them to the minutes and agendas and making them searchable.

  6. Complete meeting records - including agendas, minutes, video and supporting documents - are archived on CityofBoston.gov.


The Legislative Management system has new and innovative technology elements like: business process reengineering, cloud computing and compatibility with mobile devices and tablets ( iPhone, iPad, Slate, etc.). This project has revolutionized the way various parts of City government interact and collaborate.  

All processes between the executive and legislative branch are now electronic - resulting in an efficient and effective operation.

The project is aligned with the Department of Innovation & Technology's Green IT Roadmap by eliminating the need for paper copies of documents. Prior its introduction, 26 inch thick copies of meeting materials were produced each week, amounting to a 104-foot tower, or roughly 312,000 sheets per year.

The project is expected to save almost $250K over the next 5 years because of automation, electronic collaboration and dissemination of information to all stakeholders electronically and in real-time.  

View the New System

Information about upcoming and past meetings is available on the City website. Records are searchable by date and keyword.

View City Council Meeting Records