Contact Info Page Update

Recently, we redesigned our 'Contact Us' page in order to increase its usability. Our previous design was not as helpful as it could have been, and users with little or no experience dealing with City agencies might not know how to navigate to get their issued addressed. 

Commenting on his experience with the 'Contact' page, one user wrote:

"I came here because I have no idea who I should be talking to, but now I'm faced with the greater burden of picking between one of four communication routes [department, department head, City Councilor, neighborhood]."

Contact (before)

Our redesign of the page centered on providing our user with alternate options to these communication routes. The redesign includes:

  • A map showing City Hall’s location, with a link to Hours & Directions pages for city facilities
    Hours and Directions
  • A new listing of Mayor’s 24 Hour Constituent Services which shows users the various points of contact options with the city (online, phone, mobile, in person)
    Mayor's 24 Hour Constituent Service
  • An Online Services search box which offers access to over 300 online service options (payments, forms, applications, and more) 
    Online Services
  • Regrouped contact menus, which include:
    • Elected Officials and Neighborhood Representatives,
    • Taxpayer Referral & Assistance Center, and
    • 'My Neighborhood' information
    • Links to My Neighborhood resources
      My Neighborhood Resources  

View the updated Contact page

Contact (after)