Food Trucks

The City of Boston is encouraging the growth of our local food truck movement by amending the City Code to streamline and expedite the permitting process and make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.  The website has been integral to promoting the City's various food truck-related initiatives and developments.

Food Truck Challenge

In Winter 2010-2011, the City of Boston held its first ever Food Truck Challenge competition to establish mobile food and/or beverage vendors on Boston's City Hall Plaza.  The winners received technical assistance, permitting guidance, and assistance applying for low-interest loans from the City to set up their mobile vending operations. The three winners won the right to vend on City Hall Plaza Spring-Fall 2011.

The Challenge was designed to inspire and encourage interest in mobile food vending in the City. Constituents were asked to vote on their favorite vendor proposals based on menu, logo, and name. There were two rounds of online survey voting and more than 18,000 votes were cast to help pick the winners. 

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GIS Map & Survey to Suggest Food Truck Locations

Based on the success of the Food Truck Challenge survey, the City's Food Truck Committee wanted to solicit additional public feedback for where food trucks might be located in the City of Boston. The City received an overwhelming response to the GIS Survey regarding potential locations for food trucks as over 9,000 residents and vendors dropped pins on their preferred locations. 

Public Survey Results 

The Food Truck Committee also took the opportunity to ask potential vendors about what type of cuisine they wanted to serve and when they were interested in vending (morning/evening, spring/summer/fall).  These results, along with the public's input, helped the Committee select an inagural set of food truck vending locations throughout the City.

Potential Vendor Survey 

Application Process for Permitting & Licensing

The City of Boston has begun to allow food trucks on city streets and throughout our neighborhoods.  The Mayor's Office, Public Works, Transportation, Inspectional Services, Fire and Police Departments have developed a streamlined process to get vendors started with proper permits and licenses to do business in the City. Comprehensive application information for both permitting and licensing is available online for vendors to access.

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GIS Map of Boston Food Trucks

The City of Boston has recently approved the first round of food truck vendors for locations around the City.  Our GIS team has developed a real-time map where constituents can see who's serving up breakfast, lunch, or dinner around the City and go directly to their food truck websites for additional vendor information.

Food Truck Locations Map

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