Operation Information

For All Active Duty Military Personnel, National Guard, Reserve Call-Ups, and Their Families

 Mayor Thomas Menino announced that the City of Boston is conducting "Operation Information" for all City of Boston Military Personnel and their families. Any active duty, reserve or national guard person and/or their family may contact the City of Boston's Department of Veterans' Services for help with understanding federal, state and city laws and benefits that are available to them. These laws can save veterans and their families legal problems, their jobs, and possibly money.

Please Note:

  • The City of Boston will answer any question for free.

  • The City of Boston will help obtain any benefits that may be available.

  • The City of Boston will provide free advice on how protect the military family.

Protections, Rights and Benefits for Military Personnel and Their Families

Recognizing the disruption that military call-ups cause to National Guard and reservists' lives and intending to free them from harassment and injury in connection with their civil-non-military affairs, so that they can devote full attention to duty, Congress, the Massachusetts Legislature and the City of Boston has provided protection and a number of rights and benefits.

To assist the military people and their families, the City of Boston has highlighted some of the benefits:

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What are my Protections under the Federal Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act?
What are my re-employment rights?
What are my rights under Massachusetts Law?
Are there additional Massachusetts benefits and protections?
What has the City of Boston done to help its employees who are called to active duty?