Looking Ahead

We want to continue to lobby the state legislature and executive departments to ensure that the needs of veterans and their families are met. We also want to continue to expand our outreach and intake efforts in order to provide veterans with connection, community and resources to fit their needs.

Specifically, we need: 

  • A "living wage" of benefits for veterans. It is a goal of the City of Boston to ensure that those who are unable to work receive sufficient money to also live with dignity in the City of Boston. Currently, we are providing benefits at least 50% below the "living wage" estimates. We must continue to work to get these people more benefits. 

  • A unified veterans council in the City of Boston to inform and advise the Veterans' Services Department on policies and procedures affecting the veterans' community. The department is currently accepting applications from veterans of all eras to join the Boston Veterans Advisory Council (BVAC). The objective of the council is to establish a real voice for veterans in every neighborhood and move forward to enhance the status and quality of life of Boston veterans and their families. The Council will increase dialogue among the younger veteran population to evaluate access and delivery of benefits, and make assessments of the challenges veterans may face during their transition to life at home.

  • If you are a veteran living in Boston and want to be a member of this council, please email veterans@boston.gov with the Subject line: BVAC for an application.

  • A "History of Heroes" to honor individuals killed in action and the veterans buried within the City of Boston. In an effort to preserve the heritage of our local heroes and make their stories accessible to a broader audience, the History of Heroes project is a living web based portal which houses the identity and biographical information of the heroes behind the squares. There are over 946 of these squares throughout the city and the story behind each one of them will be on the front page of the Veterans' Services website.

  • A "collaborative outreach program" in which city resources and partnering organizations join to bring awareness to veteran issues and meet the needs of the city's veterans.