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  • City floats latest Cass Blvd. plan at Community Meeting

    The Bay State Banner reports on the latest updates on the Melnea Cass project, along with community feedback.

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  • Melnea Cass Widening Project Raises Resident Questions, Concerns

    At a public meeting hosted by the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) last week, Roxbury residents, activists and local elected officials raised sharp questions about a plan to widen Melnea Cass Boulevard in order to add new center median bus lanes and stations.

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  • City Revises Conceptual Design for Melnea Cass Boulevard

    After several months of engagement with neighborhood stakeholders, the City has revised concept plans to reflect community input and coordination with abutting development projects.

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  • Melnea Cass Blvd. Redesign Plan Inches Forward

    The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) held a public meeting last week on plans to redesign Melnea Cass Boulevard, the fast-paced thoroughfare in Lower Roxbury that will soon see new retail and residential development at some of its key intersections.

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  • Strides Made At Second Meeting On Melnea Cass Blvd. Design

    The Boston Transportation Department held its second public meeting on the redesign of Melnea Cass Boulevard to create a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly street while still accommodating car, truck and public transit traffic.

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