Melnea Cass Blvd DP (150)

Melnea Cass Boulevard Design Project

Project Description

The Boston Transportation Department is working with the Roxbury community to redesign Melnea Cass Boulevard with the goal of making it a neighborhood friendly corridor.  The scope includes the development of roadway and streetscape designs that create a pedestrian friendly environment, ensure efficient traffic flow, accommodate transit vehicles and bicycles and promote economic development.

Building on the conclusions of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan and the Urban Ring Phase 2 DEIR, the design will progress in collaboration with the Roxbury and other surrounding communities and with all relevant city and state agencies, neighborhood groups and corridor abutters.  Coordination with the designs for the South Bay Harbor Trail and development of BRA parcels 8, 9, and 10 will be crucial to the advancement of the project.

The initial City of Boston investment of $600,000 for design is being supported by available federal earmark and state matching funds for construction in the range of approximately 9 million dollars. The schedule for completion of 25% design plans is estimated to be Spring 2015. 

Supporting Documents – Reference Material

  • Melnea Cass Property Map

    Graphic illustration of the abutting development parcels and ownership along the Melnea Cass Boulevard corridor.

    Melnea Cass Property Map »

  • The Roxbury Strategic Master Plan

    The cornerstone for Roxbury development planning and Melnea Cass corridor design, completed in January of 2004.

    Roxbury Strategic Master Plan »

  • The Urban Ring Project

    The state’s circumferential transit initiative which includes Melnea Cass Boulevard as a key component is a significant foundation for the current design effort.

    The Urban Ring Fact Sheet »

    The Urban Ring »

  • The South Bay Harbor Trail

    An off street cycling and walking trail renovation project taking place along the northern pedestrian edge of Melnea Cass Boulevard. The project is central to design considerations for MCB.

    South Bay Habor Trail Fact Sheet »

  • Parcels 9 + 10

    Development proposals crucial to the design, economic development and character of the Melnea Cass Boulevard corridor. Located at the intersection of Washington Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard.

    Read Proposals »

  • Melnea Cass Boulevard Design RFP

    The Boston Transportation Department Request for Proposals for Melnea Cass Boulevard, released in early 2011 in anticipation of development of Parcels 9+10 and pending federal earmarks.

    RFP Scope »

    City Record 10 Jan 2011 »


  • Melnea Cass Public Meeting 4.13.15

    The Boston Transportation Department held a public meeting on April 13, 2015 from 6-8PM to discuss the Melnea Cass Boulevard Design Project.

    4-13-15 Final Presentation

    4-13-15 Event Details

  • City Revises Conceptual Design for Melnea Cass Boulevard

    After several months of engagement with neighborhood stakeholders, the City has revised concept plans to reflect community input and coordination with abutting development projects.

    Melnea Cass Revised Concept

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Public Meetings

  • NEW DATE - April 13, 2015 Community Meeting

    A sixth public meeting totake place at Boston Water & Sewer, 980 Harrison Ave.

    4-13-15 Meeting Flyer