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Boston is a great place to live while attending college or graduate school. If you are a student living on your own, considering moving off campus, or making plans for after graduation, it's important to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and a neighbor. The information on this page can help you make smart choices that will enhance your experience as a resident in this world-class city.

Renting in Boston

All tenants have the right to safe and sanitary rental units. Know your rights, and get in touch with the City if you have a question or concern.

How to File a Complaint:

Renters can use our 311 services to file a complaint via our website, app, or by calling 311 directly.

By providing this information to the city, you help us target landlords who are not properly taking care of their property and endangering you and future renters.

Moving Resources

Thinking of relocating to Boston or from one neighborhood to another? Use our tips to get a head start on your moving plan.

Popular Resources:
  • Student Housing Trends in Boston

    This report measures progress in student housing safety and in the creation of new student dormitory beds by 2030.

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