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Boston prides itself as the cradle of American Democracy and the American Revolution. Home to Paul Revere, John Hancock, and numerous patriots, Boston's protests against King George III of England served as the catalyst that led to independence, democracy, and equal rights for all citizens. Boston's tradition of political activism has always ensured that students have a voice in the political process. By participating in the democratic process, you fullfill your duty as a citizen and shape the future of this City and Government.

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    Register to Vote

    Register to vote in any upcoming Massachusetts election (or to make any changes to party enrollment, addstus, name, etc.).

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    Register for an Absentee Ballot

    If you're going to be away from home during the next election, you can register for an absentee ballot.

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    Who Are My Elected Officials?

    Find out who your elected officials are and how to get in touch with them by entering your address.

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  • Voting Guide

    Youth Voting Guide

    Answers to questions frequently asked by young voters such as how to register, what to expect on Election Day, and more.

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  • Please address all Election correspondences to:

    Boston Election Department
    1 City Hall Square – Room 241
    Boston, MA 02201


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