A number of city programs aim to provide parents with the resources to help raise their children. Whether searching for a school, a summer program, or health information, we hope parents find this information helpful.

  • Summer Programs

    Summer Programs for Students

    What is your child doing with their free time this summer? They could find a job, go to camp, take guitar lessons, learn to sail, play golf, act in a play, volunteer in a museum, plan for college, or intern in a science lab. "Summer Stuff" and "Summer Stuff Jr." are filled with all kinds of programs for elementary, middle, and high school students.

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    Sign Up for Youth E-Newsletter

    The Boston Youth Zone monthly e-newsletter includes information about jobs, events, contests and opportunities for youth.

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  • Talk Listen

    Help Your Child Through Depression

    Studies have shown that nearly 20% of children and adolescents at any given time are suffering from a mental health problem, and that these problems can seriously impair their ability to function at home and at school. Through the Talk Listen Campaign, the Boston Public Health Commission teaches parents how to recognize warning signs of mental health issues and help their children recover.

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  • Tips (75)

    Help Your Teen Find a Job

    In addition to money, jobs and internships provide students with new skills and a chance to investigate careers worth pursuing. "Job Tips for Boston Teens" can help you identify which job programs your child is eligible for and help you connect with resources.

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  • Finding Time

    Parent-Teen Communication

    The "Finding the Time" campaign is designed to foster good communication, mutual respect, and a strong bond between teens and their parents/guardians. Research shows that families that "find the time" help to protect teens against risky behaviors and enable parents to continue to impart values important to their family and culture. The website offers tips for parents and teens on how to better communicate with each other.

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  • BPS Logo (75)

    Guide to BPS for Families

    The Boston Public Schools has provided this helpful guide for families that includes important phone numbers, information and resources.

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